The Maddie/Sia Trilogy

April 1, 2015

They say three is a magic number, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to Maddie Ziegler/Sia collaborations. That’s right, folks: We’ve officially got a trilogy on our hands, and Part 3 is the most intense yet.

Today, Sia released the official music video for “Big Girls Cry,” which features over three minutes of Maddie-closeup. Because the camera rarely zooms out, she has to captivate the audience with only her face, hands and upper torso. Sure, that’s not uncommon in music videos, but for a dancer who’s used to using her whole body to convey a story or emotion, it could be quite a challenge. Of course, Maddie was more than up for it. She delivered a performance using every inch of her face, leaving us with a bizarre, haunting sensation. You just can’t look away.

Those piercing blue eyes, though.

She’s swung from the chandeliers, she’s battled it out in a cage with Shia LaBeouf and now, we can say she’s experienced the hysteria of a broken heart. Well…we’re hoping Maddie hasn’t actually experienced this kind of heartbreak, but with her acting skills, you’d never know. Bravo, Maddie!