The Madrids' Farewell to Choreo Cookies

June 17, 2015

You guys, I have goosebumps. And not because it’s currently like 60 degrees in NYC. (C’mon, June weather. Where you at?) Nope, today’s goosebumps are of the #chillz variety, because I just watched Keone and Mari Madrid’s final performance with Choreo Cookies. *sob*

You probably remember this crew—which regularly dominates on the hip-hop comp circuit—from their 2014 Body Rock performance, “The Silent Cookie.” We raved about the Cookies’ ability to incorporate their substantial numbers (32 and counting, last we checked) into seamlessly coordinated routines. The crew is also noteworthy for its clean production; costumes, lighting and stage design are always on point. The fact that they have Keone and Mari Madrid on their side is just icing on the cake.

But the husband and wife team has made the tough decision to leave the Cookies, after eight great years with the crew. While they haven’t given any explicit reasons behind their decision, Keone offered this statement on Instagram: “No need to go into into detail as of yet, but just know that this is completely a decision based on positivity and future aspects of life.”

Choreo Cookies’ 2015 Body Rock set marked the Madrids’ final performance as Cookies. Set to John Mayer’s “Gravity,” the piece is about overcoming fear. The real standout was the lighting: The stage was quite dark for much of the performance, with faint, yellow light highlighting different sections at a time. In this way, the Cookies created a sense of isolation and disconnect, despite their substantial numbers.

“Keep me where the light is.”

Spoiler alert: Toward the end of the piece, the lights come up and you see the whole crew, dancing in perfect unison. Prepare for the #chillz to hit you hard at that point. Check it out!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for both the Madrids and Choreo Cookies!