The New Joffrey Studio Company

January 20, 2014

Come fall, this could be you! (Joffrey Academy trainees photographed by Cheryl Mann)

Attention, bunheads! Good news from Chi-Town: The Joffrey Ballet announced yesterday that it’ll be launching the Joffrey Studio Company during the 2014-15 season.

We know the whole apprentice/trainee/studio company system can be confusing, so—what does that announcement mean, exactly?

Well, 10 dancers will receive full scholarships to the Joffrey Academy of Dance, where they’ll train alongside members of the company’s existing Trainee Program. They’ll also have the chance to be chosen to perform with the main company, in addition to other performance opportunities. Basically, it’s a great (and financially underwritten) peek at life in a world-class ballet company.

And how do you land one of these magical Studio Company spots? The Joffrey will be auditioning dancers from around the world. To quote the press release: “Students may be asked to join the Trainee Program in the Academy for one to two years prior to being selected for the Studio Company, or may be asked to join the Studio Company from an Academy audition.”

There you have it. Stay tuned for more info!