The Next Big TV Star Could Be You!

September 19, 2013

Can you dance like this—and act? You’re a shoo in! (Photo of Polina Semionova by Stella del Monaco)

Raise your hand if you want to be famous!

That’s what I thought. And you’re in luck! In January, we filled you in on Starz Networks’ upcoming original series all about ballet, and now they’re on a nationwide hunt for the dancing cast!

Characters include Claire, a Polina Semionova-type dancer who’s “beautiful, delicate, soulful and serious,” and Mia, who’s “comfortably brassy—no filter—and says whatever is on her mind.” Starz describes the new show as “unflinchingly exploring the dysfunctional underbelly of the ballet world.” It sounds like Black Swan meets “Breaking Pointe”—and it could be your big break.

Starz is looking for both male and female dancers who can perform at a company level. Upcoming auditions will be held in Houston, TX (Sept. 22), San Francisco, CA (Sept. 30 & Oct. 1), Seattle, WA (Oct. 2 & 3), Miami, FL (Oct. 1 & 2), Chicago, IL (Oct. 2 & 4), and Boston, MA (Oct. 4).

For more details about what they’re looking for and an audition form, go to Good luck!