The OG Hiplet Squad Interrupted the Ballet—and We're So Here For It

September 30, 2017

You remember the Hiplet ladies (Hip-ladies?) from their obsession-worthy video collab with Refinery29, right?

Well, they’re back and better than ever, partnering with Old Navy in an amazing commercial for the new Stevie pants (which, btw, look to be fully dance-able):

As a lifelong bunhead, I normally would not dream of condoning anything close to interrupting the ballet. But the concept of the commercial is so darned cute, guys! While waiting for the ballet to start, the original Hiplet squad jumps up onstage to entertain the crowd—joined by some adorable pint-sized hip-hopper sidekicks for good measure!

Yeah, we’re obsessed, so indulge us a little further with this behind-the-scenes video. I mean, the sheer FIERCENESS of it all!