The Olympic Closing Ceremony Sounds Dance-Tastic

August 9, 2012

The Olympics are winding down, which has me feeling a little blue. It’s been an amazing, wild ride. How are we going to say goodbye to all the world-class athletes (Phelps! Bolt! GABBY DOUGLAS!) that we now basically think of as our best friends?

With a big, crazy, dance-packed closing ceremony, that’s how. Were you a little underwhelmed by the dance (or lack thereof) in the opening ceremony? Fear not: Apparently Sunday night’s show will include a giant ballet concert featuring 300 dancers, choreographed by golden boy Christopher Wheeldon. Everyone’s been very hush-hush about the details, but an article published yesterday reveals that none other than Royal Ballet legend Darcey Bussell—DARCEY BUSSELL!—will come out of retirement to star in the performance.

So at least we have that to console us (and what a consolation!). But a word of caution to the NBC executives who decided to cut away from the beautiful Akram Khan piece during the opening ceremonies: If you don’t televise this amazingness, you may just have a swarm of angry bunheads grand battement-ing your doors down come Monday morning. And bunheads are scrappy.