These Tiny Salseros Will Blow Your Mind

April 28, 2014

Here at DS, we know all too well that the only thing better than a great dancer is a great dancer who also happens to be very young. And so we present installment #874234 in our “How Fantastic Are These Dancing Kids?” series. This time, we’ve got some wee salsa dancers to amaze you.

Here is where I should say that when it comes to salsa, I’m no impartial observer: I’m totally obsessed. For a few years I went through a pretty intense salsa phase where I was out salsa-ing every night. And guys: It is so. much. fun. Go take a salsa class right now. Seriously! GO.

That said, I also know from experience how crazy hard it is to salsa in a way that looks both relaxed and technically impressive. That’s why the stylings of salsa prodigies Kevin and Beberly just overwhelm me. They are the definition of “naturals”—though I’m sure they’ve also spent hours in the studio polishing up their impossibly smooth moves.

Here’s the dynamic duo performing at the Israel Salsa Congress this past weekend. Enjoy! (And if you happen to know more about Kevin and Beberly, drop us a line!)