These Young Girls Recreated an Epic K-Pop Dance Video and Nailed It

August 21, 2018

How many times have you seen a music video that was so amazing that you and your friends wanted to recreate it? And how many times have you actually spent the time and effort to learn the choreography and actually film it? TBH, we’ve all been inspired by a catchy tune that’s paired with some great choreo and cool cinematography. Some of us may even have actual footage of such embarrassing attempts buried deep in the archives of our phones. But four girls from Thailand, did what most of us mere mortals only dream about. They flawlessly recreated one of their favorite band’s music videos—and broke the internet in the process.

From the dance moves to the cinematography, these kids created a spot-on parody of the K-Pop group BLACKPINK’s hit music video “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.” Though the kids take a little artistic license, replacing a dog with a Furby and a crown with a shower cap, the result is so similar to the original it’s almost spooky. Ok not really—it’s actually super adorbs! Watch these littles nail BLACKPINK’s choreography right down to the hair flip, and join the rest of the internet in saluting these darling dancers and their fierce recreation.