This Animated Music Video Has Us "DaNcing in a RoOm"

November 4, 2017

Here at Dance Spirit, we have a proud and long-running tradition of highlighting super-dancey music videos. Today’s new entry in the canon is especially, um, special though: Not only does it feature five up-and-coming dancers/choreographers you should definitely know, but their sweet moves are ANIMATED—making the final product a stunning new way of looking at dance.

Dance-animator extraordinaire Sydney St. Clare
created this video for newcomer electropop songstress EZI’s new single “DaNcing in a RoOm,” off EZI’s debut EP (out in January). Over the course of the deliciously moody and groovy three-and-a-half minutes, we get to see super-cool animated versions of Cree Cicchino from “Game Shakers,” Irish dancer Kendal Victoria, ballerina Elena Sundick, commercial-dance diva Nikki Keeshin, and b-boy Darrian Composanto, all rocking it out in their individual styles.

EZI (real name Esther Zynn)—who grew up dancing, singing, and acting on Long Island—says she wrote the song when she realized that she feels “the most free when I feel like I’m dancing alone.” Girl, join the club.