This B-Boy Will Blow You Away

October 24, 2012

One of the reasons I love working on Dance Spirit is because it introduces me to whole dance worlds that I, a total bunhead, never knew existed. Case in point(e): Yesterday I got an email about the Red Bull BC One, an international b-boy competition that has been going on since 2004. This is a major dance thing that has been happening for eight years, and I have never heard of it! That’s kind of awesome. Well, and kind of embarrassing. But mostly awesome.

Maybe (probably) you’re much cooler than I am. Maybe you’ve followed BC One and the incredible b-boys competing in it religiously. But if not, prepare to be totally, completely amazed.

This year’s BC One finals won’t happen until December 8 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. But the competition just released this promotional video featuring last year’s winner, Roxrite, demonstrating his signature move: the “melting halo.” And what is that, Roxrite? “It’s like a cartwheel, but you actually go from shoulder to shoulder using your head.”

Believe me: Insane as that sounds, it’s even more insane to watch. Check out the video below, and click here to find out more about BC One.