This "Carousel" Supercut Will Waltz into Your Heart

May 5, 2018

This is one two-and-a-half-minute ride you’ll never ever want to get off.

The classic musical Carousel is—pardon the dad joke—a doozy of an emotional roller-coaster. Girl meets boy, girl and boy fall deeply in love, boy behaves badly (like, really badly), girl finds the courage to forgive boy and finally move on with her life. It’s intense stuff.

That’s why we’re so obsessed with Justin Peck’s choreography for the current Broadway revival of Carousel. Peck’s ballet-meets-classic-musical-theater moves are far from mere backdrop to the musical’s incredibly tragic action: His steps conjure up the visceral flavors of the tight-knit New England fishing community, illuminate the über-complicated characters’ flawed motivations, and provide some much-needed touches of humor and lightheartedness.

So if you don’t have any NYC trips on the docket, or if you need to relive the utter dancetasticness of this Tony-nominated production, we have just the thing: This montage of glorious dance moments from the show. We plan on nominating it for a 2018 Special Tony Award for Magical Musical Choreographical Feels.