This J.Peck Short Film Will Give You the Sunday Scaries, But It's So Worth It

December 2, 2017

So this is about to destroy you, but you’ll love every single second of it—promise.

Some feels are too fatal not to share: And Justin Peck’s new music video for The National’s song “Dark Side of the Gym” is a textbook example. This choreo has all the essential ingredients for feeling utterly destroyed in the best way possible: a moody and evocative setting (your high school gym long after the prom is over), two of the most gorgeous dancers of our time (Peck and his real-life lady love, Patricia Delgado), and a sweeping ballad worthy of the most romantic slow dance known to dance-kind (the aforementioned “Dark Side of the Gym”).

And if you, like me, find yourself dissolving into a puddle of gosh-darn-beautiful-movement-induced tears, don’t blame me. THANK ME (and, oh yeah, Mr. Peck and Ms. Delgado and their frequent collaborator Ezra Hurwitz).