This K-Pop Music Video Will Change the Way You Think About Boy Bands

October 9, 2017

K-pop boy band, Seventeen just released a jaw-dropping music video that we can’t get enough of. Thanks to the intricacy and overall it-factor of the choreography, this boy band’s taking things to a level that even professional dancers might have trouble keeping up with. In fact, these guys are so good that *NSYNC may have to say “Bye Bye Bye” to their unofficial title of Best Dancing Boy Band!

Hoshi, The8, Jun, and Dino make up the “performance unit” of the 13-member South Korean band, which means their primary responsibility is to break it down on the dance floor. (The other nine members specialize in either hip-hop or vocals.) The group is known to be extremely involved in the creative process, which means these skilled dancers are also ridiculously creative choreographers too.

The song, entitled 13th Month’s Dance, is a teaser for the band’s upcoming album release on November 6. Here’s hoping a few more boy bands take Seventeen’s approach and put as much effort into their dance moves as they do into their music.