This Music Video Sums Up Summer Dance Bliss

July 23, 2015

You guys. I think award-winning Scottish singer/songwriter Kathryn Joseph read my mind the last time I was daydreaming about my perfect summer. Her new video “The Bird,” directed by Eve McConnachie, the Scottish Ballet’s in-house filmmaker and designer, is basically a dancer’s version of bliss.

Gorgeous location? Um, I think an empty Scottish beach at sunset meets that criteria.

Beautiful music? Just listen to Joseph’s haunting voice.

Stunning costume? If I could wear that sheer red number every day, I would.

Oh, and the dancing? Scottish Ballet coryphée Sophie Laplane (who also choreographed the video!) nails it.

You guys know I’m a huge fan of ballet and balletic movement in music videos, so I’m always thrilled when a new artistic collaboration between musicians, dancers and filmmakers emerges. Check it out below!