This Music Video Is Weekend Dance #Goals

March 15, 2018

What do you get when a hoard of dancers collaborate to the catchy tune of “Love Somebody,” by the band Frenship? The most epic dance party ever, of course! Said dance party was directed by the talented Michael Riccio, who’s choreography has appeared in “La La Land” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

What’s unique here is the cast of 18 dancers (whose credits include everyone from Beyonce to Britney Spears) worked together to choreograph all the dance sequences throughout the video. They all raved about the project on Instagram. “Shooting this one gave us all the feels,” Nick Drago, who’s danced in “La La Land” and as Theodore’s dance-double in “Alvin & the Chipmunks,” posted. Other dancers remarked on the warmth and love they felt performing among so many friends. That passion and excitement is evident in the dancing and makes this video all the more fun to watch.