"Project Home" Is a New Dance Film Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

July 9, 2018

It took no fewer than three years for choreographers Chris Martin and Larkin Poynton to create Project Home, a 45-minute film that brings together artists from all over the world (including the inspirational Mari Madrid!). And their finished product is sure to take your breath away. Seriously, guys: It’s beautiful.

Martin and Poynton’s vision was to tell the story of a “lost soul” through dance in an innovative, non-linear structure. Featuring an original score, the film centers on themes of home, family, and identity with the incredible landscapes of Iceland as a backdrop. Its message resonates across the globe, exploring the question of what it means to belong.

Unfamiliar with Martin and Poynton? Check out more of their work below.

Poynton’s choreography at Arena Dance Competition in China

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