This New York City Ballet Video Will Make You Feel All the Feels

July 8, 2015

Sometimes when we’re not feeling our best, the Internet saves us. We laugh at funny 30-second vines. We get inspired by our favorite dance videos. And eventually we stumble upon something that makes us feel purely grateful—like this heartwarming Upworthy video about a New York City Ballet outreach project.

The video starts off with narration by Natalia Armoza, whose young daughter, Pearl, has cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy affects balance, movement and posture, all things necessary for ballet–which means that Pearl would struggle if she ever stepped into a class. Armoza tells us that NYCB does offer dance workshops for young children, but none had catered to those with disabilities. Wanting the same opportunity for her daughter, she wrote a letter to the company asking if they could arrange a workshop solely for these children.

Natalia and Pearl at Lincoln Center

What came next exceeded her expectations. NYCB reached out to Joseph Dutkowsky, M.D., a cerebral palsy specialist, and organized not one but four specialized workshops. The classes were taught by NYCB principals, Adrian Danchig-Waring and Maria Kowroski, with Dutkowsky’s help.

Before you click play, prepare to get emotional. For once in their lives, these children had an opportunity to move without limitations. Moments like these remind us how empowering and moving dance can really be.