This Tribute to "The Greatest Showman" Is Glorious

January 20, 2018

Look out, ’cause here they come!

To celebrate “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman winning Best Original Song at the 2018 Golden Globes, Warner Music Japan has put together a stunning dance video that we just couldn’t NOT share with y’all. The clip stars the Tomioka Dance Club, a high school dance team hailing from the major city of Osaka, Japan. These ladies are no strangers to fame: The team has won titles at the national level and even went viral in Japan last fall.

Filmed on location at Wakayama Municipal High School and choreographed by their coach/choreographer, who goes by the name akane, it’s a powerful rendition of the anthem that’s already inspired tons of original dances—just check Insta. But there’s something—or maybe several things—about this version that really strike a chord. There are the dancers’ uniforms, a not-so-subtle reminder of the bullying so many of us have faced at school. There’s the exuberant last verse filmed on the roof of the school. (Watch all the way to the end; you won’t regret it.) There’s the unstoppable girl-power magic that pulses through every single shot. And then there’s the fact that The Greatest Showman doesn’t even open in Japan for another month, yet there’s already this INCREDIBLE official music video—Talk about a universal message!