This Ultra-Dancey Japanese Commercial Is Giving Us Life

January 13, 2018

*suddenly feels the overpowering urge to purchase a million bottles of Pocari Sweat*

Last summer, the popular Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat debuted a commercial featuring a flash mob of high-schoolers (dressed in those amazing sailor-style school uniforms, no less) doing the most determinedly cheerful choreo (by Parisian duo I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER) that we’ve seen in a good long time.

Now we know it’s not exactly drench-yourself-in-Gatorade season yet, but just do yourself a favor and press “play.” Not only is the setting—an epic pier encircled by misty fountains of water—the most delightfully extra, but the sheer inexplicable joy of these teens is infectious. What Sunday Scaries?