This Video Showing How LaDucas Are Made Is the Most Mesmerizing Thing You’ll Watch Today

January 27, 2019

What is it about dance shoe videos, guys? Is it just us, or does everyone else also geek out over #bts footage of shoes being made or ballerinas breaking in their pointe shoes? Asking for a friend, here…

Seriously, even after spending inordinate amounts of time in dance shoes, watching them get stitched together and prepped for the stage will never not be mesmerizing. Case in point? Insider‘s vid about LaDucas—which we’ve basically just been watching on repeat ALL DAY LONG.

The video shows the entire LaDuca shoe-making process from beginning to end, complete with footage from their factory in Italy and details about how custom shoes get designed for Broadway shows. There’s also an interview with founder Phil LaDuca himself, plus lots of dreamy dance footage of those gorgeous LaDucas in action.

Check it out for yourself below. (Your life will never be the same.)