Tiler Peck Is Gorgeous in Charlotte OC's "Medicine Man" Music Video

July 11, 2017

Here’s an especially great addition to the ever-growing group of ballet-inspired music videos: Soulful singer-songwriter Charlotte OC asked ravishing New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck to star in a video for her new song “Medicine Man.” Unsurprisingly, the result is both beautiful and moving.

Charlotte OC told Interview magazine that Peck serves as her “alter ego” in the vid. And Peck, who created her own movement for the film, shows a deep, visceral connection to the musician’s emotional lyrics; we see a raw, unvarnished side of her that’s a far cry from her usual onstage polish. She lets her hair down (literally) and takes us to church.

“The tone and fluctuation in Charlotte’s voice told my body exactly what I was supposed to feel and how to move,” Peck told Interview. “I didn’t have to premeditate emotion. I was able to let my body ride along her vocals.”

Tiler Peck: Forever our #WCW.