Tiler Peck Gets Candid About the Bumps in Her Career at New York City Ballet

December 16, 2018

We can’t get enough of New York City Ballet’s prima ballerina, Tiler Peck. This ballet babe has been featured in the mainstream media quite a bit and is giving people an inside peek at the glamorous and not so glamorous sides of ballet. Peck’s most recent media credit includes a video released by Cosmopolitan where she gets real about the challenges she’s faced during her demanding career in one of the world’s most renowned ballet companies.

Specifically, Peck highlights a stress fracture along her lower back that forced her to take a break from dancing. “I literally thought I was never going to be able to dance again,” she said. Though she was restless and wanted to return to the studio, Peck said, “The worst thing you can do is come back from an injury too soon.” So she tried to make the most of her time off and enjoyed catching up with family and friends as she recovered back home. As soon as she was given the go-ahead to start dancing again she gave it her all. Peck points out that ultimately her injury helped her become a better dancer because it forced her to really be in tune with her body. “Injury did help me realize sometimes you just need to give things time and not rush anything.”

We love that Peck is willing to share her accomplishments as well as her struggles with the public because it gives other dancers hope and inspires them to keep dancing through their own struggles. Even the best dancers deal with setbacks, but as Peck proved, it’s how you react to those challenges that makes a dancer great.

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