It's Time for the San Francisco Dance Film Festival!

November 4, 2014

Hi SF! Sometimes we dancers overlook your awesome, innovative dance scene because we’re too focused on what’s going on in NYC and L.A. But nothing helps us zoom in on the city by the bay better than the annual San Francisco Dance Film Festival.

Every day I’m…jumping in a desert filled with balloons. (Differ.e.n.t., directed by Justin Tipping)

The SFDFF showcases a pretty amazing collection of dance pieces choreographed especially for camera. By watching these films, we get to see dance in places where an audience couldn’t normally go (like on a mountain top), or from new and unusual angles. Ranging from documentaries to experimental shorts, from elaborate locations to simple studios, all of these films have something in common: drop-dead gorgeousness.

Hello epic! (Photo by Richard St-Pierre, via Glace crevasse et dérive, directed by Albert Girard and Chantal Caron)

The submissions are from all over the world, but it’s so San Francisco to host a festival that celebrates the seamless partnership between art and technology—especially one that helps us see dance in new and exciting ways. Check out the official festival trailer below. It’s beyond inspiring—and maybe next year you can submit your own film!