Watch Old Friends Travis Wall and Robert Fairchild Dance a Gorgeous Christopher Wheeldon Duet

July 22, 2018

It made us so, so happy just to type those three very bold-faced names into a single title. So you can imagine how excited we are to share this clip from the performance that group of legends put together for the Fire Island Dance Festival this weekend.

Travis Wall
(choreographer extraordinaire, “So You Think You Can Dance” superstar) and Robert Fairchild (former New York City Ballet principal, Tony nominee for An American in Paris) have been friends for years, since they were both baby comp kids. Now, of course, they’re both huge stars. But it’s pretty rare that the dynamic duo get to collaborate, given their crazy schedules and the fact that they’ve ended up in pretty different areas of the dance world.

That’s one reason their duet, “Us,” for the ever-great Fire Island Dance Fest was so special. The other was that the piece featured choreography by none other than Christopher Wheeldon, luminary of the ballet and Broadway dance scenes.

Wall, Fairchild, Wheeldon: It almost sounds like too much awesomeness to be contained on a single stage, right? Luckily, the stage in question was the waterfront Fire Island Pines venue, bound only by the sea and sky. 🌊☀️🌈

Here’s the beautiful clip that Dancers Responding to AIDS, which hosts the Fire Island festival, posted to Instagram: