Travis Wall on What "So You Think You Can Dance" Has Meant to Him

August 15, 2018

Mister Travis Wall,” as Cat Deeley would say, has had one heck of an epic “So You Think You Can Dance” journey. Since first appearing on the show as a contestant during Season 2 (back when he had frosted tips!), he’s become one of the series’ most respected choreographers and mentors. In fact, his work for “SYTYCD” has earned him Emmy nominations every year since 2011. EVERY. YEAR.

To celebrate his latest Emmy noms—for “SYT” Season 14’s “Change is Everything” and “Strange Fruit“—The Wrap magazine talked to T.Wall about what the show has meant to his life. And as always, Travis was full of dancy wisdom.

” ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ has helped shape my career, and kind of helped shaped me and my creative process, my voice as an artist,” he said. “I get to share a piece of my life every summer on television—I create from very personal places. The show obviously has a huge part in the DNA…of my career.”

He also paid tribute to the power “SYT” has to spark larger conversations, both inside and beyond the dance community. “I think that’s what’s so beautiful about what we do on this show [is that] we’re putting art out there, things that you can make up your own mind about or your own interpretation of what we’re saying, because we’re not speaking with words, we’re showing you visuals,” he said.

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