Watch Travis Wall Crush a Pom Combo with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

June 13, 2019

I almost can’t handle the level of full-out fabulousness coming out of Pride Month (just kidding, please keep it coming). Today, Travis Wall blessed our feeds with this clip of him dancing with the gorgeously talented Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Travis shared in his caption that he “Learned a routine in 60 secs.” Casual! (I guess we’re not too surprised about that, right?)

After crushing the combo and having a dance party with the cheerleaders, Travis was gifted his very own (rhinestoned, of course) Dallas Cowboys jersey. This actually wasn’t Travis’ first Cowboys rodeo: He paid a visit to the Cheerleaders last year to teach them a contemporary piece, as chronicled on the reality series “Making the Team.” So, my only question is: When will we finally see him out on the field?