Trick or Treat: This Year's Danciest Halloween Highlights

October 30, 2019

Dancers definitely excel when it comes to Halloween: We’re all about the tricks, and our vast collection of old recital wear guarantees that our costumes will be on point(e).

Check out this Monster Mash(up) of the dance world’s spookiest moments of 2019—and have a happy and safe Halloween!

“The Today Show” got down in famous dance-themed costumes.

“Mean Girls” on Broadway shared its spookiest scenes.

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Spooky SZN. #Halloween #MeanGirlsBway

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Oct 30, 2019 at 9:42am PDT

Norwegian National Ballet Principal Whitney Jensen embraced her superhero side.

JoJo Gomez terrified us all with her spot-on interpretation of the Joker.

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I absolutely had to. Thank you, Joaquin Phoenix & @toddphillips1 for instilling such a fiery passion & inspiration inside of me. I’ve always had a passion for darker roles & after seeing this movie twice in a row – I simply had to submerge into this character. Thank you to my incredible team. Thank you @rudentertainment for directing & guiding me through this experience, so that I was comfortable enough to dive deep. And so that I was correct & true to Joker. Thank you @lexianimation @lexi_okimura for being my right hand on set. Thank you for slaughtering my makeup & making me feel like Joker himself. Thank you @directedbyjon for being on set with us & helping us find the best lighting. #GafferGoals #FrankSinatra #ThatsLife #Joker #JoaquinPhoenix #ToddPhillips #JoJoGomez #JoJoGomezChoreography

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And finally, Martha Graham Dance Company reminded us that imitation (via Halloween costume) is the sincerest form of flattery.