tWitch & Allison, We Just Can't Quit You

May 3, 2013

Forgive me, dance-on-television fans, for I have sinned: While I never miss an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” or “Dance Moms” (shameful, I know, but I watch it for the kids, I swear!), I admit that I just can’t get myself hooked on “Dancing With the Stars.” I respect it, I think the pros are absolute masters at what they do and I’d love to shimmy my way into one of Brooke Burke’s hosting dresses. For some reason, though, it’s just not on my must-see TV list.

But I will tune into a “DWTS” results show when my Twitter feed tells me to, and this week the World o’ Twitter practically begged me to set my DVR accordingly.


For tWitch and Allison, of course.

The world—myself included—just cannot get enough of this lovestruck duo.

tWitch and Allison, showing the world what REAL onstage chemistry looks like!

They performed with artist Lindsey Stirling this week as part of the Macy’s Stars of Dance series, and it was, expectedly, fantastic. The music, the “I’m going to run and I know you’re going to be there to catch me” choreography, the real-life chemistry…that’s what reality TV is made for, people.

It gets really good right around the 1:28 mark when Allison’s contemporary and tWitch’s hip hop fuse into one style (hip-temporary? contempo-hop?) and together they just totally break it down.

Check out the full performance here: