tWitch's Tiara Moment with Sophia Grace and Rosie

May 2, 2012

If you’re not already familiar/in love with Ellen Show celebabies Sophia Grace and Rosie, please click here, here and here.

Sufficiently obsessed now? Then you’re ready to check out their latest adventure. And if you thought their be-tutu-ed shenanigans couldn’t possibly get any cuter, you thought wrong: This time, they’re dancing—with tWtich.

That’s right. The awesome “So You Think You Can Dance” alum (who’ll appear in the upcoming Step Up Revolution) shows off his softer side, teaching the girls some custom-made dance moves at Millenium Dance Complex in L.A.—and then donning a tiara for a little tea party, of course. If you’re in need of a moment of dance zen today, this is definitely it. (And if you’re a tWitch fan, let’s just say you should get excited for our September issue.) Enjoy!