Um, These Harper's Bazaar Photos of NYCB Dancers Are Spectacular

August 17, 2015

Look, I know: We have talked and talked and talked (and talked…and talked…and talked) about the ballet–fashion connection.

But that doesn’t make collaborations between world-class dancers/choreographers and world-class designers/photographers any less exciting. Especially when the collaborations are as fantastic as the spread in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, which features New York City Ballet dancers, as choreographed by Justin Peck, modeling Raf Simons’ crazy body stockings for Dior.

I just…there is so much amazingness in that last sentence alone. I’m gonna give you a second.

OK. Deep breaths, everyone, because you’re about to get hit hard again. This is what all that amazingness looks like:

Insanity. (photos by Simon Procter; image via @laurabrown99 on Instagram)

Close-up. (via @justin_peck on Instagram)

The models, in case you have a hard time identifying your fave NYCBers when they’re upside-down, are Claire Kretzschmar, Rebecca Krohn, Alexa Maxwell, Tiler Peck, Teresa Reichlen, Gretchen Smith and Indiana Woodward. And they are all reaaaaally good sports. Thanks to Peck, we have this glimpse at what the shoot actually involved:

Find more photos, plus interviews with Peck and Simons about the similarities between ballet and fashion, in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.