Kyle Hanagami Taught a Total Newbie How to Dance—in 30 Days

December 19, 2017

Imagine you’d never danced a day in your life, and then you woke up one morning and said, “Let’s do it.” Who would you call to guide you through this new, foreign world? Kyle Hanagami, obviously—which is exactly what Ashly Perez, a video personality and producer at BuzzFeed, did. Perez recruited Hanagami to turn her into the dancer she always wanted to be. The catch? She’d never danced a step. The second catch? He had 30 days.

Hanagami was more than up for the challenge. He enlisted the help of familiar faces and class vid mainstays Haley Fitzgerald, Emma Hauser, and Ashley Gonzales. Together, this A-team threw Perez into the deep end, choosing Millennium Dance Complex (where else) for her first class. Her journey featured lots of well-documented highs and lows, an amazing cameo from one of our personal dance world faves (we’re not spoiling it!), and a truly insane transformation. See for yourself below! And way to go, team.