"Uptown Funk" Becomes "Oldtown Funk"

May 23, 2015

Though dance often idolizes youth, we at Dance Spirit are equally enamored of any elderly person who can really get down. We love dancing grannies and grandpas because they continuously show us that age aint nothin’ but a number.

Behold: Oldtown Funk. What do you get when you take Bruno Mars’ infectiously danceable song “Uptown Funk” and then turn it on its ear so that instead of being performed by sexy soul singers, it’s performed by swaggering seniors?

This. This is what you get.

“Oldtown Cover” was produced by Alex Boye’ and features Jean Elliot’s “Golden Girls” (aka The Dancing Grandmas). Apparently these women are well known in Utah for their performances at basketball games. Yas ladies! Hopefully we’ll all move as well as these folks when we’re even half their age. Enjoy!