This Video of the Ailey Dancers Meeting Beyoncé Will Make You So Happy

March 12, 2017

What happens when one of the greatest pop artists of all time meets some of the greatest dancers of all time? A sweet mutual lovefest that’s the happiest thing you’ve seen in a looong while.

Yes, none other than Beyoncé attended a performance by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in L.A. on Saturday. It was a special occasion, too: Bey was there to support her mom Tina’s mentorship group for young girls, Tina’s Angels. Your heart’s starting to melt already, right?

But the real magic happened when the whole crew came backstage to congratulate the Ailey dancers. Because even the superhuman rockstars of Ailey have a hard time holding it together when Beyoncé is in the house—and B seemed equally awed by the dancers’ talent:

To cap it all off, the group had a photo session that was just epic—in terms of both the level of talent involved (so much amazingness on that one stage!) and the level of adorable mugging involved:

Please, for the love of all things fantabulous, let there be some kind of Ailey/Beyoncé collaboration in the works. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE.

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