Watch This Beautiful New Vid from Tim Milgram

April 16, 2016

It’s no secret that Tim Milgram and viral dance videos go hand-in-hand. The videographer/director/producer extraordinaire has a collection of stunning projects, all of which are completely unique yet equally incredible (and FYI: Milgram spills his secrets to making a viral vid in our May/June 2016 issue). His latest creation features choreography and dancing by Renee Kester (who absolutely blew us away in this earlier vid with “SYTYCD” alum Phillip Chbeeb) to a beautifully melancholy James Bay background track. Kester’s seen weaving her way through thousands of books in an empty bookstore and her flawless technique, tight control and crisp movements bring the whole performance to the next level. It’s sure to become another Milgram classic—check it out below.

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