Watch Janelle Ginestra Work Work Work Work Work Work

April 4, 2016

Pop quiz! Janelle Ginestra + Rihanna + Lil Swagg + Julian Ray + an empty dance studio + a video camera = ?

Your #TurntTuesday moment of zen. Naturally.

There are few things we love more than watching our favorite dancers LIVING in choreo videos. Except, perhaps, seeing the actual creators of those ??? routines showing us all how it’s done. I mean, that’s how most of the commercial world’s best choreographers got started: They realized nobody else could move quite the way they could. World-class dancers can take a choreographer’s vision to new and amazing places, but choreography just fits differently on its creator’s own body.

That’s why we were so excited to see Tricia Miranda personally leading the Iggy Azalea #Team last month. And why we’re similarly happy to watch Janelle Ginestra—who’s been pretty much ubiquitous behind the camera recently—proving she’s still VERY MUCH got it in her just-dropped choreo video, set to Rihanna’s “Work.”

Accompanied by Lil Swagg and Julian Ray, Ginestra gives us a master class in the laser-precise yet loose-limbed style that’s made her one of the most sought-after choreographers around. And we love to watch her work work work work work work.

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