Watch Kayla Mak Being Crazy Cute

December 19, 2012

I think my favorite column in Dance Spirit is the one on the last page of each issue: “You Should Know.” We use this page to highlight a standout up-and-comer who is awesome now and, we predict, will be stealing spotlights in the very near future.

In the January issue, we introduce 9-year-old Kayla Mak.

A bit about Kayla: She’s small.

Like, teeny tiny small.

She’s this miniature little darling and when she pirouettes and pencheés around the stage, I just want to applaud like crazy and then stick her in my pocket for safe keeping.

As always, the action is louder than the words, so for your viewing pleasure, ladies and gentlestuds, Westchester Dance Academy’s Kayla Mak:

Read more about Kayla in the January issue of DS, on newsstands now!