Watch Kendall Jenner Vogue in This Crazy-Good Balmain x H&M Ad

October 29, 2015

Hey guys! Have you heard that Balmain is doing a collection for H&M?

Yes, yes you have. Because the Balmain x H&M clothes look ridiculously amazing, and the H&M promotional machine has been hyping the collaboration nonstop.You’re already counting the days (that’d be six!) until the collection is released. You’re more than ready to brave the inevitably crazy lines. You’re eager for your chance to own a piece of designer Olivier Rousteing’s genius.

But what does all this have to do with dance? Oh, just wait, my friends.

Since you’re not excited enough about Balmain x H&M, there’s a new ad out designed to get you even more stupid excited. There’s some girl called Kendall Jenner in it—hey, she’s so pretty, whoever she is!—but more to the point, it involves a slew of amaaaazing dancers. Including, bless the dance gods, that prince of all things vogue, Javier Ninja.

Go Ninja, go Ninja, go!

It’s a little unclear exactly what’s going on in the video—Kendall is battling a bunch of dancers in a futuristic subway system and Rousteing is DJing, I think? But however fuzzy the plot, Normann Shay’s choreography is 100 percent on point, and the clothes look fantastic, and Kendall even vogues a little bit. She’s not bad!


Happy Friday, y’all. After you’ve obsessed over the finished commercial, watch the behind-the-scenes video, which makes it look like the set was one big dance party. (Of course it was.)