Watch Lil Buck, Myles Yachts and Jon Boogz Glide in this Mesmerizing Video

May 14, 2016

Jookin is one of those dance styles we simply can’t get enough of here at DS. Something about the effortless gliding, organic transitions and quality of movement makes it one of the most beautiful things to watch.  So naturally, we’re more than excited every time a new jookin video crosses our paths, especially one featuring superstar Lil Buck (who has a never-ending list of appearances and collaborations, each one more amazing than the last), Myles Yachts and Jon Boogz.

The trio was filmed as the sun was setting over NYC’s Hudson River, dancing to Santigold’s catchy (and appropriately named!) track, “Chasing Shadows.” The result? A stunning display of glides, turns and top-notch improv, which we’re watching on repeat. Check it out below:

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