This Concept Video Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

February 3, 2017

Every once in a while, we come across a magical dance concept video that really makes us feel something—think the emotionally-charged Emma Portner/Justin Bieber collab from his “Purpose: The Movement” dance movie, or Galen Hooks’ recent poignant and powerful film. Well, we’ve got another one to add to that list: Jenna Maslechko’s new short film, “sōma.” As a dancer and photographer (her website features shots of DS favorites like Tate McRae and Bella Klassen), Maslechko explains:

The ability to move my body gives me the opportunity to explore sensations beyond what I can see and experience in my tangible reality. Researching movement through photography, video, and animation is a way for me to investigate how sound and space interact. It is unique language and platform for me to communicate the complex and visceral experience of movement. This project is a visual abstraction of the way in which my mind and body engage with the response that music initiates within.


It’s a super-inventive and clever film, packed with lots of raw emotion, exciting animation and great choreo. Check it out below:



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