Watch Sophia Lucia Being Flawless in Her New Dance Series

April 8, 2017

Question: When does Sophia Lucia have time to sleep? Everyone’s favorite comp-star-turned-bunhead seems to be diving headfirst into a new project every week. We absolutely #bowdown to everything she does, and her latest project is no exception. Behold: “Unscathed,” a new dance series on Sophia’s YouTube channel.

We’re not entirely sure if there will be multiple episodes, or if they’ll all be dance videos. But if this first installment is any indication, it’s going to be absolutely amazing—you can’t go wrong with choreo by Travis Wall, artistic direction by Ricky Palomino, and Michael Dameski, Josh Stevens and Riley Kurilko as your dance partners (seriously—their dancing was 🔥 💯). We don’t want to spoil the whole thing, so catch it in full below!