Watch a Teaser for Justin Peck's Newest Ballet (with a Twist)

January 20, 2017

Justin Peck
seems to never (ever) run out of ideas. The New York City Ballet soloist and Resident Choreographer is gearing up for what’s bound to be another amazing premiere this coming week in NYC. We say that with full certainty after watching this teaser for The Times are Racing, featuring Peck and NYCB principal Robbie Fairchild, and a soundtrack by Dan Deacon. It’s an energetic, fluid and musical 3-minute adventure through the NYC subway, filled with many of our favorite “Peck-isms,” like super-fast footwork and the expansive movement quality we’ve come to know and love in all his other works. And Peck, always one step ahead, decided it was time to shake things up even more—all the dancers will be in sneakers for this new work. Check it out for yourself below!

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