Watch the Suga N Spice Crew Dominate on "America's Got Talent"

June 9, 2015

So, what’s new with the Suga N Spice crew? The group’s fantabulous young ladies—that’d be Amanda Kinert, Taylor Knight, Trinity Inay, Sarah Kinert, Larsen Thompson, Leah Roga, Amy Magsam, Soraia Esteves and Taylor Hatala—have been on a roll since their crew debut just a few months ago. I’m guessing you’re already obsessed with their video to Fifth Harmony’s “BO$$” (bonus: watch this “BO$$” rehearsal clip from co-choreographer Brian Friedman, which proves the girls don’t need high production values to look FIERCE), and you probably also saw them take over the DanceOn headquarters.

But last night, Suga N Spice reached a new milestone: its first network television appearance! The crew appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and (least spoiler-y SPOILER ALERT possible) was quickly sent through to the second round of competition.

Cuties! (via @sugarandspicecrew on Instagram)

“AGT” hasn’t made video of the whole performance available, but as you can see in this clip, the group apparently inspired some serious head-bobbing in the judges:

Think you can’t love these girls any more than you already do? Think again, my friends: It turns out the crew’s members, friends and family got together in Phoenix for their very own “AGT” viewing party last night. And luckily for us, that cuteness was documented by a local news station:

12 News coverage of the viewing party tonight in Phoenix with Ruby, Vi, Razz and Pixie!

Posted by Suga N Spice Crew on Tuesday, June 9, 2015