Essential Viewing: “WE. DANCE.”, a Powerful Video by Ailey’s Dancers

June 3, 2020

“When our hearts break, WE Dance.”

That’s the caption for this video, created by and featuring dancers from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Made in the midst of widespread protests over the death of George Floyd and so many other innocent Black people, it features poetic text written and performed by company member Hope Boykin, and moving, meditative dance footage from 25 other Ailey performers.

Here are the dancers featured, in order of appearance:

Hope Boykin, @hbdance

Yannick Lebrun, @yannicklebrun

Akua Noni Parker, @onlyupward

James Gilmer, @j_gilmer

Jacquelin Harris

Brandon Woolridge, @brandon_michael_woolridge

Samantha Figgins, @sfigg_udigg

Sarah Daley-Perdomo, @cherrysunblush

Jeroboam Bozeman, @jeroboamb

Jacqueline Green, @jagreen711

Jessica Amber Pinkett, @jessica.a.pinkett

Jermaine Terry, @jerms83

Jamar Roberts, @7jlr27

Constance Stamatiou, @constance.stamatiou

Belén Indhira Pereyra, @belen_pereyra_pro

Renaldo Maurice, @r_maurice25

Courtney Celeste Spears, @bahamaballerina

Christopher R. Wilson, @christopher.r.wilson

Vernard J. Gilmore, @vern93

Kanji Segawa

Clifton Brown

Miranda Quinn, @mirandaming4

Patrick Coker, @pcoke

Chalvar Monteiro, @chlvrmntro

Matthew Rushing, @matthewrushing73

Danica Paulos, @lens_of_the_heart