We Want Megan Fairchild's Life

March 23, 2015

It’s fascinating when you get a glimpse of a dancer’s offstage life, and it’s completely the opposite of what you’d expect based on her onstage presence. In a way it’s even better, though, when you find out that an artist’s non-dancer persona is exactly in tune with her dancer persona. There’s the sense that this person just is who she is, whether she’s relaxing at home or performing for thousands of people.

Fairchild in Balanchine’s Theme and Variations (photo by Paul Kolnik)

Megan Fairchild, New York City Ballet principal and star of Broadway’s On the Town, falls into that second category. When she’s breezing through a Balanchine classic with NYCB or charming the pants off everyone as Ivy Smith in OTT, she comes across as sunny, polished and self-possessed. This weekend, the New York Times gave us a peek inside her Dobbs Ferry, NY, home—which she shares with husband and fellow NYCB principal Andrew Veyette—and the story made it clear that her offstage world is much the same: cheerful, elegant and totally put-together.

Seriously: We want this girl’s life. Her gorgeous antique house came complete with an official plaque from the Dobbs Ferry Historical Society. There’s a backyard for her two doggies to play in, and two spare rooms for her future kids to sleep in. Her decor is studded with  awesome little treasures, like a glass pitcher that was a wedding present from, ahem, Wendy Whelan. This is her living room…

Tony Cenicola/New York Times

…and this is her husband…

Tony Cenicola/New York Times

…and this is her puppy! (Well, one of two.)

Tony Cenicola/New York Times

It’s all beautiful and perfect—a modern fairytale that parallels the fairytales she stars in onstage. Click here to see the rest of the photos and read the whole story!