Well Hello There, @RickyUbedasLegs

September 28, 2014

We soooo needed this today:

There is now a Twitter account for “So You Think You Can Dance” champion Ricky Ubeda’s legs.

It is called, fittingly, @RickyUbedasLegs. It is glorious.

As we saw in person at our shoot with Ricky, his legs are more than deserving of this honor. Seriously: You are going to die when you see him, and his leeeeegs, on our December cover. (If you don’t subscribe, sign up now to make sure that issue lands in your mailbox. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE, GUYS.)

Here’s a little preview from our shoot. His legs are looking all moody-hot here:

(Photo by Lucas Chilczuk for Dance Spirit)

By the way: There are also accounts dedicated to the fine booties of both Teddy Coffey and Rudy Abreu.

You’re welcome.