Wendy Whelan Just Gave Her Students the Best Holiday Gift Ever

December 6, 2016

All us normal humans are currently struggling through the tricky what-should-I-get-my-studio-friends-for-the-holidays tap dance.* But we can give up right now, because former New York City Ballet prima/perpetually extraordinary person Wendy Whelan just won the present game forever: She gifted her advanced Ballet Academy East students her own leotards.

Picture that for a second: Wendy Whelan, a dance goddess, a living legend, just handed you a lovely leo that has been on her own superhuman body. And now you—you!—can benefit from all its amazing juju. It’s like getting to wear a tutu that the dancer you idolize once donned, except in this case you can take the thing home and maybe (we won’t judge!) sleep with it under your pillow.

We have to give snaps to the BAE ladies for maintaining an extremely chill façade in the face of all this, because we have a feeling they’re squee-ing like crazy inside:

#earlychristmas for my #advancedLadies @balletacademyeast #ballerinaHandMeDowns 🎄💘💃🏻

A photo posted by Wendy Whelan (@wendyw) on

Dec 6, 2016 at 6:52pm PST

Wendy Whelan is, was and forever will be #allthegoals.

*Psst: Our Gift Guide might help!

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