We're Even More Excited for Justin Peck's New Ballet After This Interview

January 30, 2016

The buzz is certainly building around New York City Ballet soloist/resident choreographer Justin Peck‘s new ballet, The Most Incredible Thing. To say we’re excited for the premiere is an understatement—with every sneak peek of costumes, choreography and set design, the scale and detail of this production becomes more and more evident. And The New York Times’ recent profile of Peck is adding to the anticipation.

Peck showing off some trademark moves (photos by Ryan Pfluger for The New York Times)

Not only are we treated to some lovely photographs of Peck, but some wonderful insight into the process of creating this ballet (and it’s no secret we love us some behind-the-scenes details here at DScheck out our February issue for more on rehearsals for The Most Incredible Thing!). Highlights include Peck’s explanation of how he often arrives at his choreography:

“[Peck’s] system for making a ballet is self-taught. ‘Probably nobody else does it the same way.’ He spends a lot of time in the studio alone, developing movement on his own body. ‘I want to make sure I’m thorough,’ he said, ‘going through a certain sequence then veering off in five directions to find the one that musically feels right. If you do that work, you can later act spontaneously with the dancers. You can go off the trail, because you know the trail.’ ”

Check out the entire article here, and the trailer for The Most Incredible Thing below.

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