What's Your Dance Spirit Animal?

December 25, 2014

Let’s talk about spirit animals. You’ll find them in cultures around the world, from Africa to North America. These totems don’t even have to be animals—they can be the wind, or a plant. The point is that some spiritual practices believe humans have a connection with another physical object—and that thing might even function as your alter ego, of sorts.

When most of us talk about our “spirit animals,” we’re usually being lighthearted. We mean our BFFs, who we love and adore—or baby otters, because who doesn’t want to be more like a baby otter? But it’s important to remember that totems hold serious spiritual and religious importance for many people.

With due respect, let’s take that concept and get punny. What’s your Dance Spirit animal? See what I did there? It’s hilarious!

Is your Dance Spirit animal this puffin, that is clearly doing a toe-touch?

Is your Dance Spirit animal some kind of cat? Dancers are inherently cat-like…but which cat? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. What about American Ballet Theatre principal Gillian Murphy? She has those dreamy pirouettes, a stellar career and Ethan Stiefel—seems pretty enviable to me. Or maybe it’s Ronan the female California sea lion who not only loves Earth, Wind and Fire, but also proved that animals don’t have to be vocal mimics (a la parrots) to keep a beat.

Is your spirit animal Psy himself?

What about hip-hop little Sean Lew, who just…well, he just slays everything he does. If you’re a bunhead venturing into hip-hop territory, try carrying around a (mental) picture of Lew and see if it helps.

Could your spirit animal be this ostrich that just wants to whip its hair back and forth?

My spirit animal is 110% that dancing grandpa who blew up the internet this summer when he threw down his canes and took control of the dance floor.

Let us know your Dance Spirit animal in the comments below!