Which Cats Cat Are You?

November 22, 2014

You guys. Remember when I told you the greatest musical of all time (imo) is coming back? Well, in honor of Cats‘ upcoming West End revival this December, PBS re-aired it’s glorious 1998 film of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s best work (also imo) on Friday night. (If you missed it, consider adding the DVD to your winter wishlist.)

Don’t you just want to be Victoria, the white cat (played by Phyllida Crowley Smith)? She’s so purrrdy—and she gets that big lyrical solo to show off her extension. I for one, though, was always partial to Demeter (Aeva May), who, along with Bombalurina (Rosemarie Ford), does all kinds of Fosse-infused choreography while singing about the villainous Macavity:

Well, the fine folks at PBS understand that we all have Jellicle alter-egos, because they created a super-fun quiz: What Kind of Cat Are You?

I asked my fellow DS-ers to take the quiz, and we were all pretty amused by the results:

Mr. Mistoffelees. PBS says: I keep a low profile—that is, until I reveal my magic powers. People find me clever, and never know what to expect from me, but they do look forward to my playful tricks. I’m pretty slick, in a good way. I’ll take it—he does get a pretty solid dance break with stellar ’90s–style special effects.

Editor in chief, Margaret Fuhrer:
Grizabella. PBS says: I’ve lived the glamorous life. I may be a bit worn at the edges, but, oh, the memories. Some of us stray from our roots to see what lies beyond the horizon. If you’re lucky—like me—you can always come home to your tribe again. Spoiler alert: Have fun in the Heaviside Layer…whatever that is.

Art director, Josephine Daño:
Rum Tum Tugger. PBS says: Yes, I’m a rebel—or maybe just unpredictable. I’m considered quite alluring. I have fun toying with my many admirers and keeping them on their toes. I respect my equals. Not gonna lie, I’m a little bit jealous I didn’t get the rock ‘n’ roll cat.

Assistant editor, Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone:
Old Deuteronomy. PBS says: I’m a wise cat who people look up to. I have a way with words, I’m a comforting presence and I can often predict how a situation will turn out. Sometimes, it seems like I’ve lived more than one life. Everybody sing together now: “I believe it is old Deuteronomy.

Assistant editor, Maggie McNamara:
A Gumbie Cat. PBS says: I get things done. Some people think I just sit around all day alone, staring out the window being lazy. But I do my best work when the sun goes down. I love organizing, planning and working with groups—but they have to be night owls, too. Um, excuse me, PBS? Did you forget that this “Gumbie Cat” has a name? It’s Jennyanydots. Plus, she’s also the mommy cat to all the mice—and she tap dances. SO CUTE.

Fashion editor, Meggie Hermanson:
Munkustrap. PBS says: I’m a history buff and natural storyteller. I know all the players and keep tabs on their lives. I’m the keeper of traditions and serve as a guide to the uninitiated. Well, someone has to tell us what the heck a Jellicle cat is:

Which cat are you? Take the quiz to find out—and let us know in the comments!

I’m pretty sure my very own Sammy Meowkins would qualify as Jellicle. amirite?