Which Nutcracker Sweet Are You?

December 8, 2021

Most everyone has a favorite scene from Act II of The Nutcracker. But there’s a difference between which variation you love and which Nutcracker sweet really captures your essence. Keep track of your answers and scroll to find out which one best represents your personality.

1. Pick a Thanksgiving food:

  • a. turkey
  • b. cranberry sauce
  • c. mashed potatoes
  • d. pumpkin pie
  • e. stuffing

2. You have a day off from dance tomorrow: What time are you setting your alarm for?

  • a. 6 am, because you want to make the most of your free time
  • b. 7 am, but you hit snooze…a few times
  • c. 8 am, like normal. You don’t want to mess up your sleep schedule
  • d. 11 am. As long as you’re up before noon, right?
  • e. What alarm?

3. What’s on your pre-class playlist?

  • a. The variation you’re rehearsing that day, on repeat
  • b. High-energy pump-up jams
  • c. A news podcast
  • d. The same 10 songs you listen to every day
  • e. Something mellow to keep you grounded

4. What kind of dance bag do you carry?

  • a. A sturdy backpack with lots of pockets
  • b. A tote bag, filled with shoes and loose items
  • c. A gym-style duffel bag
  • d. The same bag as everyone at your studio, with your name embroidered on it
  • e. Something with wheels, like a rolling suitcase or a Dream Duffel

5. Pick one word to describe your improv style:

  • a. smooth
  • b. accented
  • c. deliberate
  • d. intricate
  • e. airy

6. Choose your favorite non-Nutcracker ballet:

  • a. The Sleeping Beauty
  • b. Coppélia
  • c. Giselle
  • d. In the middle, somewhat elevated
  • e. Serenade

7. Pick your favorite barre exercise:

  • a. pliés
  • b. battements
  • c. barre stretch
  • d. frappés
  • e. rond de jambe

8. In the dressing room, you’re:

  • a. Running your choreo mentally
  • b. Sewing a pair of shoes last-minute
  • c. Helping with quick-changes
  • d. Taking mirror selfies
  • e. Planning the post-performance hangout

9. You wouldn’t be caught in the studio without:

  • a. Your headphones
  • b. Your foam roller
  • c. A resistance band
  • d. Water and a snack
  • e. A notebook of corrections and choreography details

10. After Nutcracker season ends, you’re most looking forward to:

  • a. Celebrating the holidays with your family
  • b. Checking back in with your nondance besties, whom you unintentionally ghosted
  • c. Taking a well-earned rest
  • d. Planning ahead for summer intensive auditions
  • e. Finally getting the Nutcracker “Overture” out of your head

Mostly A’s: Sugar Plum

You have the talent and focus of a lead, with a sweet exterior. You carry yourself with maturity beyond your years, just like this old-fashioned but still iconic treat. Whether you realize it or not, you have natural leadership abilities.

Mostly B’s: Hot Chocolate

You’re a social butterfly who keeps everyone’s spirits up during the umpteenth run of “Waltz of the Snowflakes.” Your personality shines onstage, and no matter how scattered you might seem in the dressing room, you keep your dancing sharp and precise.

Mostly C’s: Coffee

Reliable is your middle name. You know exactly what time you need to get to the studio to complete your personal warm-up routine before class begins, and you arrive at your “unassigned/assigned” barre spot like clockwork. When others have a question, you’re their go-to for answers.

Mostly D’s: Tea

Your attention to details—and therefore, your petit allégro—is off the charts. You know what you like, and you like what you do best. When you’re focused, nothing can stop you from nailing that extra battu. Still, you know how to take it easy outside of the studio, and you never let your motivation veer into obsession.

Mostly E’s: Marzipan

Maybe you feel misunderstood or underappreciated at times, but you deserve more credit for how hard you work to make it all look easy. You’re not afraid to put in the effort in the studio, so you can shine onstage.